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Matthew Boot:


Challenged by not being able to develop a competitive yet realistic construction schedule?

Does every issue on the project feel like it is critical? Is the team overwhelmed by the multitude of challenges that are being thrown at them?

Frustrated by the constant demands for status updates from multiple stakeholders?

Continually distracted by solution providers selling the latest software tool or data integration (of course powered by AI)?

Disappointed that you don’t have the time to help train and develop yourself or your team?


I have been privileged over the last 30 years to have planned, lead and supported landmark construction projects globally.

The teams I have worked with have faced major challenges from landslides to site-wide fires, from extended delays in supply chains to develop innovative construction methods and logistics strategies.

I have also been honoured to help businesses develop their people by preparing and running over a 250 training courses world-wide. I have been provided with the opportunity to mentor a number of high performance construction professionals and help them to develop and refine their craft.

I understand and appreciate through first-hand experience the challenges, frustrations and rewards of planning and delivering construction projects.

matthew boot
Matthew Boot
Conference Speaker
matthew boot construction shanghai 01
Matthew Boot
Project Leadership

My experience

matthew boot construction planning
Planning Solutions Effectively Communicated

Effective communication is the key to robust project planning solutions. A plan poorly communicated will not be implemented. My approach is founded on traditional construction planning principles, lean construction approaches overlaid with a focus on critical thinking.

matthew boot 4d schedule
Early Adoption of 4D Planning Techniques

I have utilised 4D planning techniques and tools for over 15 years. I appreciate 4D planning benefits as well as it’s shortcomings. I attended multiple conferences and Stanford University’s CIFE school as Virtual Construction and Digital Twin technology developed in the mid 2000s.

matthew boot project governance
Home 9
9/11 Memorial & Museum
New York

With a global project governance role this included undertaking construction schedule and project assurance reviews on this landmark construction project. I also provided support to the team in developing the initial opening strategy.

matthew boot baranagroo south 03
Barangaroo South

I developed the construction planning for Australia’s largest commercial project. I was an integral part of the project’s senior leadership team during construction embedding last planner tools, 4d planning as well as taking responsibility for commissioning and finalisation.

matthew boot modular construction
Home 10
Prefabrication & Modular Construction

I am continually seeking to integrate prefabrication and “modern methods of construction” into construction plans. My experience includes helping develop a prefabricated brick walling system using robotics in the manufacturing process.

matthew boot semiconductor construction
Clean Manufacturing Facilities Across Asia

Extensive experience across Asia with clean manufacturing facilities. I was responsible for the construction planning and then leading the construction team for China’s largest semiconductor facility, SMIC, in Shanghai, beating industry benchmarks for speed of construction.

How can I help you?


I am available to assist teams in developing their planning solutions as part of their pre-construction efforts or during execution phases.

Assurance REview

If you are uncertain on where to start I can provide an assessment of your project and any potential risks and / or opportunities – this can be done remotely if required.

technology assistance

Assist businesses assess contech and data solutions incl. implementation plans. Consideration of alternate solutions as well as team capability is an important aspect.

training programmes

Development of training programmes for your business. This can cover specific topics or broader concepts such as lean construction or design management.


Often one-on-one coaching and mentoring can be effective in dealing with general management challenges. The same equally applies to construction projects.

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